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Here is a classic older cue from Bill Stroud at Josswest.  This is a very typical representative of his best work from the late eighties/early nineties.  It is a design he repeated a number of times in various variations, frequently referred to as his "Crown" design.

This is a four-point cue, made up of long ebony points recut (inlaid) with slightly shorter ivory points.  Each point is framed with a yellow and black veneer.  All of this goes into a beautifully stained maple forearm.  

The butt sleeve is ebony, inlaid with Stroud's famous "crown" design (up and down) in ivory.  Between the crowns is a series of four notched ivory diamonds.  It is capped with a long black delrin butt cap.

The original Cortland wrap framed at each end with an ebony ring, and above the wrap is an ivory ring, with another thin ebony ring "boxing" the points.  
The ebony ring below the wrap is engraved with the sideways "JW" logo, indicating the cue was built sometime between 1972 and 1980.

This cue is in excellent condition, especially for its age.  There are no dings, scratches, etc. in the finish, the butt or on the shafts. The original Cortland wrap is in great shape and shows a little handling, but almost no wear.  One shaft looks almost new, and the other shows just light signs of play.

The joint is a very typical Josswest construction.  It is a piloted stainless steel joint with a 5/16X14 pin.  The ring pattern is traditional maple checks between white fiber rings within larger black phenolic rings.

This is an outstanding example of Stroud's work from this time period, and it is about as fancy as he got at that time.  It's in great shape and very collectible, and playable.  It weighs 20.5 ounces and comes with two 13 mm shafts with ivory ferrules and what appear to be LePro tips with pads.
This cue is a great buy at $3975 plus shipping.