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Here is a beautiful cue from James M. White.  His cues are in high demand for a variety of reasons.  They're known to be good playing sticks, while well-built and good looking at the same time.

This one is a classic four point design, with ebony points and butt sleeve, and a maple nose.  To add flair, he uses a lot of inlay, including silver bars and a lot of gorgeous mother-of-pearl squares, dots and diamonds.

    He built this one with a very traditional delrin butt cap.

Above the handle he adds a pretty MOP ring bordered by two silver rings, along with MOP dots and diamonds in the base of each point.

There is a lot about this cue that smacks of "old school."  For example, the tight, long grained maple in the nose like Gus Szamboti liked to use.  And take a look at the veneer colors ... as traditional as they come.

With this cue comes an added bonus.  As many of you know, James worked for a long time in the Paul Mottey shop, assisting in the construction of many superb Mottey cues.  Then he began making his own cues.  This is the sixth cue James White made on his own.  It comes with a letter of authentication from James himself certifying this fact. 

There's a lot of work in the inlay in this stick.  Just look at how loaded up the butt sleeve is - 40 inlays in the sleeve alone.  Lots of MOP and silver against the perfect background of sheer black ebony.

Not cutting any corners on this one, he uses a gorgeous, glossy, black ringtail lizard wrap.

The veneer work (and color selection), along with the meticulous inlay work make this cue something truly special.  It is sheer class.

The MOP in the larger squares shimmers and catches the light well.  It appears to have depth and gives a lot of life to the cue.

A closer look at the veneers and the work in the butt sleeve ...

He uses a bold silver ring at the joint and on the ring collars of the shafts.  He also adds a set of his own joint protectors.

He built this one with a 5/16X14 stainless steel pin with a solid stainless steel piloted joint.

I love the MOP and silver ring above the wrap.

He signs and dates it under the finish between the points.  It was finished in November, 2000.
This cue is in excellent condition.  It appears to be unplayed.  The shafts show signs of ever being played, or even chalked.  Everything is dead straight.  The only sign of age it shows is that you can feel where the delrin butt cap meets the ebony butt sleeve (almost always an issue with older cues).

It weighs 19.9 oz.  Both shafts weigh exactly 4.0 oz.  It is a very collectible and very playable cue.