Recollection Cues

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Brown Leather Croc Print

All of these cases are made of quality leather and the workmanship is outstanding.  All have the upper and lower accessory pockets.  They all have side handles and full straps with a shoulder pad.

These cases use another innovative tecnique for fastening the pockets.  Instead of metal hasps or latches, they use a leather "button" latch that is secured by magnets.  They're quick, efficient and easy to use.

The interiors are typical of all Barton cases.  They are designed to protect and secure your cues - it's always his number one priority.

The top pocket on these is very unique - a typical John Barton innovation.  Inside is a movable leather accessory pouch for holding chalk.  The pocket is zippered on each side so that it can be completely opened and the chalk pouch can be moved up and down.  It is held in place by velcro.

These cases are among the nicest I've seen, and are unique in that they are smaller, more compact and easier to carry and use than other 2X4s.  The quality is excellent and the latches are very "player friendly. 

PRICE: $525 plus shipping.  (Comes with cloth traveling bag.)

The back panel is hand-laced.  It's a very nice touch that completes the great look of these quality cases.

Tan/Saddle Brown "Crinkled" Leather

This is another of the JB 2X4 compacts - this time in a tan, almost saddle color, with a "crinkled" look.  It's the best way I can describe it - very unusual and very pretty.  Except for the difference in leather, this case is exactly as the one above.

The picture above (right) is of a different case that is no longer available, but I included it to show how the small side pouch opens.  

These are perfect cases for a player who will be using them on a regular basis.  They are compact, efficient and great to play out of. 

It comes with a cloth traveling bag.

PRICE:  $525 plus shipping.

Black Leather Lizard Print

This case is exactly the same case as the ones above, with all the same great features, except for the different leather covering.  This one is a tight, black leather lizard print. 

Light and practical, these Compact cases are great for the everyday player.  They have all the quality of other JB cases built into them, and they provide the best protection possible for your cues.

It comes with a cloth traveling bag.

PRICE:  $525 plus shipping.