Recollection Cues

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John Barton continues to lead the way as perhaps the most creative of the functional casemakers.  Just about every case he makes is different in some unique way, and this one is no exception.

He began building this case with a cinnamon colored suede body, and then added black trim, including the top, side pockets, the strap and a large panel on the back.  To make it even more special he adds beautiful tan engraving on all the trim pieces.

Not only is the back panel beautifully engraved, the entire panel was tooled, or embossed, with a basket pattern. 

The engraving pattern is unique ... it's a flowered pattern, but unlike most others I've seen.

John has so many different interior configurations that looking inside is always a surprise.  This one is set up ideally for 2X5, and I've seen John demonstrate it as a 3X6, and I think it's a little tight for that, but you can do it in a pinch.  I love it as a 2X4 or 2X5.  As usual, it's lined with his microfiber padding which provides the ultimate protection for cues.

As with all of John's cases, it's built for beauty and function.  The fully engraved shoulder pad is plush and well-cushioned.

It has the popular JB magnetic catch for the lid, which is extremely strong and functional.  One simple motion pops the latch into place, held firmly by the embedded magnets.

For accessories, this one is built with two side pockets - a small and a large.  The small one measures just over 6 inches and is perfect for tip accessories, chalk, quarters, etc.  The large pocket is 15 inches long and is zippered on both sides.  Both sides are fully lined.  One side is designed to securely hold up to a 15 inch jump butt.  The other side can hold larger items.

This is a gorgeous case, extremely functional with a real "flair" to it.  It has John's unique rubber bottom which eliminates the problem most cases have with the collapsed bottom they tend to get with lots of use.  If you're looking for a special case, this is it.
PRICE:  $950