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Here is yet one more beautiful one-of-a-kind case from John Barton, who continues to excel in both the construction and design of innovative cases.  This one is a 3X6, yet feels smaller than that when it is handled.  It is pre-owned, but was lightly used - primarily for storage - and is in excellent condition, almost new.

This one is built of a black gator print leather with brown, hand tooled leather pockets.  The engraving is top-notch, the leathers are top quality, and the case itself is gorgeous.

The two pockets - one small and one large - both have easy access with plenty of zippers.  The top small pocket zips on both sides so that when the flip top is lifted, it can open up fully.  The lower, large pocket has a separate side pouch for a jump butt that is individually lined and has its own zipper.

As with all Barton cases, it comes with a quality, heavy duty should strap with a nice, comfortable pad.  In this case, the pad itself is also tooled, adding to the beauty of the case.  It also has a side handle and a top handle.

The back of the case is also fully tooled.  This is not your typical "stamped" carving design.  It is very detailed and is hand done.

Both the flip top on the small pocket, and the top of the case use John's own magnetic catches.  These are a very innovative design.  On most cases, the first thing to break is almost always the clasp that holds the top in place.  With these cases, there is no metal clasp to break.  

Don't pass this one up.  It's a beauty!  And, it has Barton's famous interior which holds everything secure and provides the ultimate protection for your sticks.

PRICE:  $925 plus shipping