Recollection Cues

Collectible Cues, Cases & Quality Players


GTF cases were made in China for a number of years and imported by JB cases (John Barton) exclusively for Roy Malotte of Indy Cues.  We became one of Roy's few dealers and sold a lot of them up until about 2015 or so when Roy passed away.  After that, they were no longer built, and in recent years have grown in stature and rank in rarity and value to the older Centenniel and Fellini cases, and are very much of the same quality.

GTFs have become very collectible, as well as useful.  They're great for carrying around a single cue for playing, or showing, or just storing a special cue at home.  And now that they're no longer in production, there is really no other case quite like them.  They are highly sought-after and hard to find, and subsequently greatly grown in value.

We have an assortment of about a dozen or so in varying leathers and colors, all still new.  Below are a number of pictures showing our selection, along with the prices.  These are extremely hard to find, especially new, so here's a chance to pick one or two up that are still in mint condition.

In the way of background, they were made in three styles - Kopykats (the least expensive and not real leather), Replicas (next highest price, mostly with wrapped leather ends) and Prestige (most expensive, with more exotic leathers).  He had them built either with or without a slide-lock with a key, in a very random sort of way.  The quality was very good, with quality leathers, a tight seal, and nice seams.  Finally, he made a very few tooled Replicas, which were the most expensive.  We have a few of each.

Shipping will be $18 per case. 

(Milk-chocolate brown and three embossed cases sold.)