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As with most Ginacues, this one is a variation on one of his standard designs - the 12A.  Through the years this has been one of his most popular designs and he has made them in many different wood combinations.  This one is unique, however, in that he added red veneers on all the points.  I've never seen another one like this, and although I don't know if it is a "1 of 1", it is certainly rare.

This cue was built in 2004.  This one is a birdseye maple cue with ebony points, built in what has come to be called his "Rasputin" design, with dyed veneers stacked in a rainbow pattern between all the points.

At the base of each stack is a long ivory wedge, and at the tip of each point is a crisp ebony clover leaf.  The pictures above and below give a really good look at the red veneers, and how much they add to the look of this cue.

The larger rings in the butt sleeve are made primarily of ivory, with long ivory segents interspersed with small sections of dyed veneers matching the colors between the points.  The rings at the joint are traditional Ginacue rings.

The wrap is a black textured leather with subtle embossed lines at the top and bottom - a Ginacue tradition.

The woods are very pretty in this cue.  The Gabon ebony is rich and black and the maple is nicely figured.

Again, below, a nice look at the bright red veneers and how they accentuate the ebony points.

The butt cap is not ivory, but made of the ivory look-alike material Ernie has used for years.  As usual, though, the widely-known Ginacue logo is engraved in it.

As the pictures show, this is a very pretty cue.  It is built with a piloted stainless steel joint with his traditional 5/16X14 pin, that has been providing his cues with a great hit for a half century.  The serial number engraved inside the joint reads: "04-S-105."  It comes with Ernie's standard black Delrin joint protectors, and does not come with a Ginacue case.

With regard to condition, this cue is a bit of of a mix.  The butt looks like it's never been played - the finish is perfect and there are no dents, scratches or dings.  However, it has a very slight wobble when rolled on a table - just enough that at its most extreme you can barely slide a credit card under the joint.  But, when screwed together with the shafts, the cue rolls very straight, and it certainly would not affect play.  However, the price reflects the fact that this cue is not perfect.
The shafts are blued from chalk, and definitely show some play.  However, they are straight, smooth and have no dents or dings.  The ferrules are ivory.  Both measure 12.7 mm.

Ginas have always been very popular cues, but for the last few years they have been the hottest stick on the market.  This one will be a bargain and a good investment for someone at ...