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We are happy to make available a very rare Ginacue masterpiece.  Finding an old (2009) Gina like this in almost new condition is a rare find, and finding one this rare and unusual is extra special.

This is an unusual design from Ernie.  I only know of three cues made using this basic design:  two were of ebony and the third was of purpleheart with an ebony handle.  The two of ebony were almost identical but to make each a "one of one" Ernie reversed the colors of the woods in the veneers around the boxes.  This is one of those two cues.

There are a number of unusual features of this cue.  First, it is a box cue and Ernie hasn't really made that many box cues.  Second, it features a "feather" pattern inlay using ivory, matching veneers, mother of pearl and silver.  Third, it sports a complete ivory butt sleeve, adding not only lots of value but a very impressive look.

This stick is phenomenal.  It's one of the finest Ginas made, in my opinion.  I've seen some that are fancier, but from a design standpoint, this is one of his best.  The bold boxes are complemented by the intricately designed inlays, and it is all put on the ultimate cue "canvas", a forearm of pure black Gabon ebony.

The large boxes in the butt sleeve again use the feathered inlay pattern and it all is gorgeous against the complete ivory background.  

The rings are unusual for a Gina.  They utilize the colors in the rest of the cue, but not typical Ginacue rings.  At the base of the butt cap is a pure silver medallion with the stylized Gina logo engraved on it.  (This is a $250 add-on when ordering a new Gina.)

Just take a look at the quality, color and design of this intricate inlay pattern.  It's truly beautiful.

A close-up of the inlay pattern in the forearm ...

A better look at the boxes ...

As one would expect, he adds the best of wraps - a black elephant with great texture and uniform color.

This cue is in excellent condition - nearly new.  The only sign of use at all is a very slight evidence of play on one shaft.  The other shaft looks to be unplayed and the butt looks like it just left Ernie's shop.  I know its history of ownership, and for the last ten years or so it's been locked away in a private collection.

This cue is indeed a rare find.  It is an unique design, and gorgeous at the same time.  Finding a cue like this in such great condition is unusual, and finding one that's available for sale is rare.  Engraved inside the joint is Ernie's serial number (09-I-187).

It comes with an original Gina/Whitten case with the Ginacue logo.  It has two shafts, both about 12.8mm, with ivory ferrules.  The unplayed shaft appears to have an original layered black Kamui tip and the one that shows light play has what looks like a layered Moori.  It weighs 18.85 ounces (unusually light for an all ebony cue with silver and brass shaft inserts - great for play if someone wants to make it their everyday player!). 

If interested, please email for price.  Don't take too long to think about this one - it won't last long.