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Here is another classic from Ernie Gutierrez at Ginacue.  It is from a private collection and although it was made in 2002, it is still unplayed and unchalked.

The points on this cue are beautiful.  The color combination in the veneers, the cream white ivory and the rosewood nose all come together for a striking effect.

Although this cue started at one of Ernie's regular designs (the 14A), he ventured far afield when he built this one.  It's very unusual, and I have never seen another like it.  I'm fairly confident it was a special order.

It appears to have started with his standard five point design.  However, instead of maple, the nose and butt sleeve are made from gorgeous Brazilian rosewood, and the points are all rich, white ivory.  Also, one of Ernie's classic inlay designs is built into the butt sleeve.  This Brazilian rosewood is as good as it gets.

He adds a black leather textured wrap with his signature embossed ring at each end.  It looks perfect on this cue.

The veneers are gorgeous, and the points are sharp and even, all as you would expect on a Ginacue.

The result of this combination of features is a unique cue stick that is as beautiful as it is rare.  Finding this cue in any condition would be a "find."  Finding it new and unplayed is a miracle.

He builds this - as always - with his tried and true 5/166X14 steel pin in a piloted joint.  It comes together perfectly and results in the "Gina" hit his cues are famous for.  
He also adds a custom set of joint protectors with matching collar rings and on the butt protector, his classic sawtooth pattern ... or, as I like to call it, "Jaws."

He uses a fairly simple ring pattern on this stick - red checks - and I think it was a wise decision.  The cue has a lot of flash without adding anything, and the subtle rings don't distract from the beauty of the wood, ivory, inlays and veneers.  

This stick comes with two unplayed shafts of Ernie's premium quality maple with original ivory ferrules.  It weighs 19.2 ounces.  Here is another great investment in a cue.  Whether you buy it as a "safe queen" or to become your everyday player, it's a smart purchase that will hold value - or gain in value - for years to come.
PRICE:  $5200 Plus Shipping.