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Here is a gorgeous Ginacue straight from Ernie's shop.  It's brand new, so there is no ivory in it.  All white is elforyn.  The woods are birdeye maple and snakewood.

New cues from Ernie are difficult to get these days.  I waited nearly two years for this one, and it might be the last one I can get.  He is taking either no orders these days, or at least very few.  This is one of his iconic designs - the 16A.  It's always been one of my favorite Ginacue designs.

Here is the way Ernie describes this design in one of his old price lists..
"Rock hard birds eye maple in both forearm and butt with four creamy white prongs, alternating with four highly figured snake wood inlays.  The white prongs and snake wood inlays are framed in five tiers of brightly colored veneers.  The design is further accentuated with special beauty rings of alternating squares of pure silver and white (elforyn)."

It truly is a design for the ages.

This cue is sheer class - one of the great Ginacue designs.  The veneers are beautiful and the wood selection and contrasts are wonderful.   What more is there to say?  It's a Ginacue.

This ring pattern that he often uses is one of my favorites.  He wraps it with a textured leather wrap in black.

The colors of these veneers is awesome.  They are a big part of the beauty of this cue.

As with all of the cues Ernie has made in recent years, he signs it with his "shadow signature" under the finish on the forearm.  It also has his logo engraved in the butt cap.

It has a matching set of joint protectors made by Ernie with matching rings, and is built with a white elforyn joint.

Just a few more pictures of this spectacular cue.

It is built with Ernie's traditional 5/16X18 stainless steel pin in a piloted joint.  It comes with two 13mm shafts of Ernie's primo maple, has elforyn ferrules and Kamui medium tips.  If you follow cues and cuemakers today, you know how hard it is to find a cue like this.  People who have them are keeping them and those who don't can't order them.

PRICE:  $12,250 PLUS SHIPPING  (Includes Whitten/Ginacue case in black leather with Ginacue logo on top.)