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It's always fun to find an old Gina in a private collection that represents some of his best work from the "old days."  This cue is variation on his Model 14B or 14D, made in pink ivory, ebony and ivory.  This has always been one of my favorite designs from Ernie.

With Ginacues no longer being made with ivory, cues like this one are a rare find, particularly in this condition. This cue is in excellent condition, but is not 100% original, because it has had a new wrap put on it, and I know it was not by Ernie, as it is missing the double-embossed lines at each end of the leather.

Everything about this cue is special.  The Gabon ebony is as good as it gets.  The pink ivory wood has great, subtle color.  The veneers are gorgeous.  And it's full of extras, including the double ivory "special" rings for which Ernie charges extra.

Followers of Ginacue know this design, and have seen it done in many different woods and colors.  This particular selection of woods, in my opinion, is one of the best combinations, and results in a classic Ginacue that stands a step or two above many of the others.

The points are framed with five layers of veneer, starting with black, then red, orange, yellow and white.  And this particular cue has a small detail that earlier cues of this model did not.  Each large ivory inlay in the shorter prongs between the points has small "notches" in it that give it the appearance of an arrow.  It's amazing how this very small detail gives added character to already very pretty design.

The colors and woods in this cue are spectacular.

This has always been one of my favorite designs from Ernie, and I know from many other Ginacue afficionados, it is one of their favorites as well.  It is an especially visually striking stick - the vibrant colors of the ivory, pink ivory wood, framed in the brilliant veneers all disappearing into the beautifully black Gabon ebony create a gorgeous outcome.

The double ivory rings are always special in Ginacues.  Today, he seldom makes this ring construction; he prefers to just do one silver ring on each side of the alternating squares of ivory, pink ivory and silver.  The old style rings are more difficult to do.  He will still sometimes do these on request, but charges an extra $900 or so.

This cue photographs well, but even the excellent pictures still really can't do this cue justice.  Its vivid color and brilliance is outstanding.

Everything white in this cue is ivory - the butt cap, inlays, joint and ferrules.  As they say, "They just don't make 'em like this anymore."  This full view of the butt sleeve and the picture below of the front of the cue show why this cue is something special.

As usual, this cue has the world-famous Ginacue logo engraved in the butt cap.  It is also "shadow signed" under the finish on the ebony nose.

Below are a couple of good shots of the "old style" ivory rings.  Also, make note how clean the mitred corners are.

As with most Ginacues, this one has a special, custom-made matching set of joint protectors made of ivory and pink ivory wood to finish off its presentation.  Probably at the request of the original buyer, the two shaft protectors are a bit different so you can easily tell one shaft from the other when they are in a case.  (One has the Gina logo on it, the other doesn't.

It's built with the traditional Gina 5/16X14 steel pin in a piloted joint of solid ivory. 

As mentioned earlier, there is some reason to believe this cue has been played, mostly because the wrap has been replaced.  But overall, the cue is in excellent condition. The shafts are smooth, clean and show no ingrained chalk at all.  The butt is excellent as well.  It has no scratches, dings or dents, and looks like new.

This cue weighs 19.5 ounces with one shaft and 19.6 with the other.  It comes with two shafts of Ernie's premium maple, and ivory ferrules.  It is dead straight, both when apart and together.