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Although Ernie is producing fewer and fewer cues these days, he is still completing some orders placed a couple of years ago for select customers.  At this time he is taking no new orders, and the chance of getting a new one direct from him is slim.  Here is one he has just completed, brand new, straight from the Ginacue shop in West Hollywood, California.

This is a very special cue.  It was ordered over two years ago, when I saw a picture of one similar to it, made with the same unique, master grade birds-eye maple.  At first, Ernie said he didn't have any of this wood left, but called me back later and said he'd found just enough of it to make one more cue.  I jumped at the opportunity, even though the cost of this premium wood drove the cost up considerably.

The 14B is a classic Ginacue design used by Ernie many times through the years.  Each one is individually made, of course, with different woods, different inlay material, and occasionally, with small, unique twists in the design.  Regardless of materials, it has always been one of my favorite designs - and with this special master-grade birds-eye maple, it is a standout among all his cues.

As always with Ernie, the quality of ebony is superb, and the contrast with the maple is amazing.  It frames the nearly unbelieveable birdseye with perfect counterpoint.  And it deserves to be framed - it is perhaps the most spectacular overall birds-eye maple I've ever seen.

Here is how Ernie described this design in one of his old price lists:

"Black African Gabon ebony in both forearm and butt with eight rock-hard birds-eye maple prongs.  All prongs are crowned with delicate clover leaves, highlighted with black Tahitian pearl.  (Elforyn) joint and a black linen grip are standard.  Note:  Black leather is a good complement to this cue."

As with all Ginacues, the quality of his meticulous and tight work is as good as it gets, and the playability is unquestioned.

Above and below the joint he adds an ebony ring, interrupted with a series of alternating small and slightly larger pearl dots.

Here are a couple of pictures that show just how good this birds-eye maple really is.  It's spectacular.

The butt sleeve design is basically a squeezed-down version of the design in the nose - eight points of maple going down instead of up.

He wraps the handle with the always-pretty black leather Ginacue wrap, expertly applied and finished with two concentric embossed circles at each end.  It's another "extra" on this cue.

He engraves his logo - the most famous of all cuemaker logos - in the white elforyn butt.  (There is no ivory in this cue.)

He finishes this stick with a white elforyn joint and matching custom joint protectors of ebony and elforyn, complete with a matching joint ring.

He builds it (as always) with a 5/16 by 14 steel pin in a piloted joint.  It comes with two of Ernie's premium quality maple shafts with matching ring collars.  They have elforyn ferrules and Kamui tips.

This is a rare opportunity to obtain a brand new Ginacue, handcrafted by Ernie Gutierrez, probably the most successful and well-known cuemaker in the world.  There won't be many more opportunities like this.  It weighs 19.0 ounces, and comes with a custom Whitten case in black leather with the Ginacue logo on top.

PRICE: $9150 plus shipping