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I was surprised and excited to find this gem of an old cue from Ernie Gutierrez in its original, almost unused condition after being made in 1990.  It is not only in excellent shape and all original, but was found in the original old Michigan-made Whitten case, in its original shipping carton and accompanied by two pages of handwritten notes from the original owner with comments from Ernie.  It's as if I just opened a time capsule.

If you go back through Ernie's old catalog of pictures, you'll see this is very close to his model 11D.  However, the notes that accompanied this cue from the original owner indicate that Ernie told him at the time he had made four cues of this design, and this was the first made with ivory inlays.  The others had been made with mother of pearl.  

A classic Ginacue design ...

Again, according to the notes, Ernie told him there was such demand for this design that he went on to make more of them, apparently resulting in his 11D design.  

The butt sleeve is almost too complex to describe.  For the most part it's a pattern of snakewood and birdseye rectangles with inlaid ivory diamonds, all centered between two snakewood rings.  Due to its complexity, I think it's better to let the pictures do most of the talking.

It is a classic six point design with three long ebony points tipped and three shorter ebony points tipped with spear points of inlaid ivory outlined in ebony.  They are all laid out against a nose of very lightly stained maple with lots of pretty birdseyes.

There's a lot of nice things about this stick, but one of my favorite things is the wrap.  It's oxblood in color, and shows nice patina with age, but is still one of my favorite old wraps.  The leather is smooth and soft - the kind that's almost impossible to get today.

The butt cap is delrin, but the joint is ivory, as are the ferrules.

The Whitten case that accompanies this cue is a very collectible item in and of itself.  It is an old one, made in Michigan by the late Dan Whitten, and in absolutely perfect condition, still in the black canvas sleeve that it originally came in.  The old cases had two distinct features.  One, it has a small white tag with the "Whitten" name tagged into the seam at the top.  Two, it has a flanged (covered) hidden zipper.  He stopped making the zippers like this after a short time because, with use, the leather eventually started to flair out and wouldn't be as attractive as when new.  I'd peg the value on the case alone at about $400-500.

The shafts are almost like new.  One looks new and unplayed; the other looks like it could have been played a bit, but only under very close examination.  It also looks virtually new.  The tips, I believe, are original to the cue.

It has the classic Ginacue joint - stainless steel 5/16X18 bolt in a piloted ivory joint.  Inside the joint, at the base of the pin, the "Ginacue" logo is engraved in black.  As with his common practice at the time, I am assuming the serial number of this cue is under the rubber bumper in butt cap.  However, because of the age of the bumper, and the fact that the rubber has hardened, I am not going to try to remove it.

This cue has everything an old vintage cue could possibly have - original condition, original collectible matching case, original packaging and great documentation and provenance.  And, it's by one of the greatest of the great grandmasters and Hall of Fame cuemakers.
PRICE:  $6850 plus shipping