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Andy Gilbert, who first became known for his lower-end excellent playing cues, has over the years drifted toward higher end cues because his are in great demand.  So, it's always nice to find one that is on the lower end of his price scale.  This one, built from a piece of absolutely gorgeous spalded maple, is a very pretty stick that hits a ton.

In design, this is a relatively simple merry widow style cue.  However, he makes some minor additions that make it far more than simple.  Of course, the most important addition was this gorgeous piece of marbled spalded maple.  You may never find another piece this pretty, with this kind of figure.

The color of the wood is highlighted nicely with the brown ringwork and the contrasting light colored wrap.

The wood in this stick is so beautiful that it's difficult to stop taking pictures to show all the different views.

The ring pattern is all set in brown phenolic, using two thin white rings framing a white check pattern.  He then uses these rings at all locations - at the butt cap, below and above the wrap, at the joint, on the shaft collars and on the matching joint protector for the butt.

Of course, aside from the sheer beauty of this cue, what you get when you buy a Gilbert is consistent meticulous work in a cue that plays great.  His cues are well-known for their solid, stiff hit, great balance and all-around playability.

To  add one more feature, and to make this more than just a "simple" merry widow, he adds a light maple "Southwest" style ring just above the butt cap.  It's a nice design feature that makes helps make this an even more special stick.

A few more pics of this very pretty cue ...

He wraps the handle with a white linen with double-black specs.  It was really a good choice.

He also builds a very nice joint cap for the butt, made from a nice chunk of the same wood in the cue.

He builds it with a flat-faced joint with a 3/8X10 stainless steel pin.  I love the way this joint configuration hits.

It comes with two 13mm shafts.  The butt weighs 15.3 ounces, and the shafts weigh 3.8 and 4.0, so the total cue weighs either 19.1 or 19.3, depending on which shaft you use.  It is 58 inches long.  It has melanine ferrules with LePro tips.