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Here is another exquisite eight-point cue from Andy Gilbert, one of the top master-cuemakers.  This one is made from pretty curly maple with points and butt sleeve of beautiful purpleheart.   Even though it was made in 2008, it is still unplayed and in perfect condition.

In addition to the pretty woods, it is loaded up with inlays of ivory and mother of pearl. 

The points - four long and four short - are all topped with purpleheart clover leaves, each inlaid with a small mother of pearl dot.  At the base of each point are more mother of pearl inlays - a notched diamond in the base of each long point, and another clover, this time reversed and made from more MOP, each with a small ebony dot.

Of course, as always with Andy's cues, the best feature is the amazing hit.  They play great, and if you like a stiff, solid hit that is all business, you can't go wrong with a Gilbert.

The butt sleeve is a work of art all to itself, but it is perfectly synchronized with the work in the nose.  Against the background of the exquisite purpleheart he adds an inlay pattern consisting of four notched MOP diamonds, the entire pattern forming another diamond of its own.  In between, he does more "barbell" styled clovers on bars, again of MOP.

And at the top and bottom of the butt sleeve are some very complex rings, perfectly framing the whole thing.

This fancy, and very formal nose design is enhanced by the gorgeous purpleheart against the background of rock hard maple with a great curly pattern. 

At the base of the nose, and at the joint, the fancy ring pattern is repeated, framing the entire nose.

These rings are so complicated they're hard to describe.  They are made up of ten or twelve individual rings, ebony, white, notched maple wrapped in more ebony, then in the center large ivory rings inlaid with pretty MOP dots of alternating sizes. 

As usual, he engraves his name and the year the cue was made in the butt cap  (not ivory).

Just another look at this brilliant curly maple.

The handle is wrapped with a beautiful elephant hide leather with a nice, smooth texture and a solid black color.

   A close look at the
     ring pattern ...

He built this one with his traditional 3/8X10 modified steel pin, tipped with a small piece of ivory - something he only does on his very best sticks.  It has a solid ivory joint, for that special hit that only ivory can give.

This stick weighs either 19.4 or 19.5, depending on which shaft is used (Butt is 15.4, shafts are 4.1 and 4.2).  It has nice heavy shafts, indicating old, tight-grained and dense maple for the best hit.  The shafts are both right at 12.8mm, with ivory ferrules and layered tips.  It is 58 inches long. 

Even though made in 2008, it is still new and unplayed.