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Here's a classic design built by one of the best, Andy Gilbert.  This one was made in 2013 and is still unplayed.  It's in mint condition and perfect in every way.  All birdseye maple and ebony, it's an eight point ebony design - four long and four short - each tipped with a classic clover leaf, all against the back drop of beautiful curly maple.

This stick is loaded up with tons of inlay, all of ivory and mother of pearl.  The butt sleeve is ebony with clover tipped bar bells of mother of pearl, and lots of notched MOP diamonds.  Classy, traditional ... and beautiful.  This cue is a great choice for anyone who has ever wanted an exquisite Andy Gilbert cue that is both highly collectible AND a great playing stick.

The rings alone are a work of art - solid ivory with alternating inlaid small and slightly larger dots of mother of pearl.  Then, each of these is ringed on both sides by thin sets of white and ebony rings with a dash pattern of maple in between.  These are some of them most elaborate rings you'll see anywhere.

Each of the long points of ebony has a notched diamond of mother of pearl inlaid at the base, and a small dot farther up.  The maple nose is very pretty rock hard maple with a pretty birdseye pattern.

There's a lot of work in this cue - 16 notched mother of pearl diamonds and four mother of pearl clover tipped "bar bells" in the butt sleeve alone.  Lots of inlay, lots of hand work, all done with only the use of a pantagraph. 

Unfortunately the mother of pearl dots laid in the ivory rings don't show well in my pictures.  But they're very classy and show well in good light, especially when the cue is in movement.

The handle is wrapped with a beatiful piece of elephant ear leather.  It looks great, feels good in the hand and is expertly applied.

I like the way he used the ebony clover leaves against the maple, and mother of pearl clover leaves against the ebony. 

The attention to detail and immaculate craftsmanship is incredible throughout this stick.

As Andy did in most of his sticks, he engraves his name and the year the cue was made in the butt cap.  In this case, the butt cap is the only thing white in the cue that is not ivory.

Another close-up of the incredible detail in this cue.

And another look at the quality of this fine hard birdseye maple.

He builds it with a flat-faced, solid ivory joint with a steel 3/8X10 modified pin.  At the tip of the bolt, he adds a permanent tip of ivory - a real touch of class that he adds on only his finest sticks.

This cue is in new condition and has never been played even though it was made ten years ago.  It is mint, and without fault.  The butt weighs 15.2 oz, each shaft weighs 3.8 oz, and total weight rounds out at 18.9.  It is 58 inches long.  Both shafts are 12.8 mm, with ivory ferrules and layered tips.