Recollection Cues

Collectible Cues, Cases & Quality Players


Here is an absolutely beautiful playing set built by Andy and meant for the everyday player, or the consumate collector.  He made 20 of this set, each one containing a beautiful playing cue and matching break cue in Andy's favorite wood, Purpleheart.  They come housed in a gorgeous handmade matching case built by Ron Thomas.

The playing cue is fancier than the break cue, of course, but they are both pretty.  While Andy didn't spare the details to make these cues both very attractive, the emphasis on functionality in this set make it very special.  Here, in one good looking package, you have a beautiful playing cue, a matching break cue, both in matching purpleheart wood.  And to either display them, or carry them, a high quality, pretty black lizard print leather Ron Thomas case with shoulder strap.

The two sticks are very similar.  They have matching rings and four points of purpleheart into nice birdseye maple.  They both have black wraps, but the playing cue has a nice leather wrap, while the break cue has a nice, tightly wrapped black linen.

Both cues are engraved in the butt cap with the Gilbert name, the serial number of this set, and the date they were built "2009."  This set is number 8 of 20.

The points are beautifully veneered in complimentary colors, and the rings are made up of small boxes of ebony, maple and purpleheart, sandwiched between two thin white fiber rings.

The break cue is built with the dimensions and specs of his regular jump/break cues, which are the gold standard for custom made break cues.

There's some very nice inlay work throughout the playing cue.  It is all done in ivory, with lots of hand engraving. 

He hand-selected very fine quality woods for these cues.  The purpleheart has great color and tone, and the birdseye maple in the nose is warm and shows lots of pretty "birds eyes."

The points in both cues are long, even and sharp, as you would expect in Andy's cues.  The veneer work is sharp and meticulous.

He builds these sticks with his favorite 3/8X10 stainless steel pin in a flat-faced joint.  The playing cue is tipped with a LePro, and the break cue has his hard, double-soaked Buffalo leather tip.  The playing cue joint is built from ivory, while the break cue joint is made from melamine.  The ferrules are made from elforyn.  The hit on Andy's playing cues tends to be firm, solid, and slightly stiff.

The joints are ivory, and as Andy does occasionally on only his best cues, he finishes the stainless steel pin with another nice point of ivory. 

A very nice addition to this playing set of cues is the special made 2X4 custom made case by Ron Thomas.  Ron isn't making cases anymore, but his are regarded as of the highest quality, and are very collectible on their own.  This one holds the set perfectly, and has an engraved ivory plate on the top indicating it holds this immaculate set by Andy Gilbert.  It has a single shoulder strap, with a suction top, secured for extra safety by a snap-buckle.  It is covered in a sleek black leather with a lizard print.

The playing cue weighs 19.3 oz, and the break cue weighs 19.0.  They are both 58 inches long.  Here a great chance to get a great  rare playing set from one of cue making's best ... Andy Gilbert.  And one that will hold its value, and likely increase over time.