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Here is the Gemini edition of the Constellation Cue Series.  As with the other cues in the series, it is a wrapless ebony cue with six points of Australian blue abalone outlined in copper veneers, with shadow points of silver.  All inlay work is of silver, copper and abalone.

Gemini is the Zodiac sign inspired by the constellation Gemini, which contains the two similar stars Castor and Pollux.   To astrologists, it represents "The Twins."  Gemini symbolizes duality, neutrality, and sometimes opposing forces.  It is one of the more popular astrological signs.  Cheng does an outstanding job of representing Gemini in this cue.

You'll notice the ancient Greek symbol for Gemini, which looks a bit like the Roman numeral II, is positioned at the top of the twins inlay pattern.  It is also represented in the ring pattern in other parts of the cue.

All of the cues in this series are "drop dead" gorgeous.  The combination of the beautifully colored abalone and the silver and copper inlay work result in an eye-catching and elegant cue.

The butt sleeve of this cue is highlighted by the large inlay pattern forming "The Twins."  Above and below are two concentric rings formed by copper ovals with abalone inlays, and copper inlays representing the Greek symbol "II", representing Gemini.

The ring is used again above and below the handle section, at the joint, on the shaft ring collars and on the butt joint protector.  The North Demon logo is also inlaid in the butt sleeve in copper.

Everything about this cue is stunning.  The Australian blue abalone is colorful and brilliant, and the silver and copper inlay work is elegant and tasteful.

The silver veneers framing the abalone points are skillfully done, ending in sharp, even points.   The silver and copper inlay work appears to be continuous - seams appear to be non-existent.

Here is a good view of the principal inlay pattern of the Twins.  It is inlaid on opposing sides of the butt sleeve, and is keenly visible from all perspectives.

The "shadow" points, between the six main points, are built from silver veneers crossing and forming an arrowhead.  A small abalone dot is inlaid in the middle of each. 

The intricacy of this inlay work is incredible, in all areas of the stick.

The butt is finished with a hard rubber bumper to protect the butt cap, and it is made with an internal thread to accept a standard Predator extension, among others. 

He repeats the use of the ring pattern at the joint, on the shafts and on the bolt protector.  It is built with a stainless steel radial pin in a flat-faced wood-to-wood joint.  He uses his own proprietary North Demon tips, in a medium hardness.  (They play a bit harder.)  They are colored green for cosmetic purposes, and look very cool.

It is built with a titanium alloy radial pin in a flat-faced joint. 

The joint protectors are built from matching ebony, and are engraved with the North Demon logo.  Everything about this cue is elegant.

This is a very tasteful, classy stick.  It is built well, and not only looks good, but plays equally well.  It has a solid, yet soft hit, and although very collectible and showy, will make a great playing cue that can be enjoyed and savored for many years.  North Demons are rare and difficult to find, so here is an opportunity to get one that is finished and ready to go.
It comes with two premium maple shafts that are 12.5mm at the tip, and the ferrule grows to 12.8mm where it meets the wood. From there they have a conical taper. Each of his shafts are fine-tuned by Cheng until he is satisfied.  They have very high strength and spin values, and are very, very low deflection.

It is 58 inches long and weighs either 19.2 or 19.3 oz., depending on which shaft is used (one weighs 3.9, the other 4.1; the butt weighs 15.2).