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This is a very pretty four point cue Sapele and ebony.  At first glimpse, you immediately know this is a well-made and superbly finished cue.  It's just what you would expect from someone who has worked under the tutelage of Chris Nitti for many years.  The fit of all pieces is excellent, the tolerances are tight and the finish is professional and expertly applied.

The sapele is nicely figured and really a beautiful piece of wood.  The same wood is continued into the points and is equally pretty there.  It's a nice rich color, brown with a reddish cast, reminiscent of a beautiful piece of cocobolo.

The nose is of sheer black ebony, and it provides a perfect background to show off the sapele in the foreground.

The points are beautifully outlined in with three layers of veneer - dark blue, medium blue and black, with a thin layer of black paper between the veneers and the wood.  It's a very classy look.

The wrap is a very comfortable and classy-looking black Spanish bull leather.  It is nicely textured, looks good on the cue and feels even better in your hand.  It is expertly applied.

Above and below the wrap he uses two separate black rings, each pair separated by two white fiber rings, each .015 inches thick. This combination looks great and really helps to separate the handle from the rest of the butt and at the same time bring the whole cue together.

He uses the same double fiber white rings above the butt cap and on the joint, and then repeats it on the joint collars of the shafts.

All the work in this stick is meticulous.  It's built with the tight tolerances that typify the work of the best cuemakers.

He builds it with a flat faced wood to wood finish (elforyn sleeve over wood) with a stainless steel radial pin that will insure it hits great like all his sticks.  It comes with two 13mm shafts of premium maple with linen-based melamine ferrules and soft Wizard tips.  It weighs 19.3 ounces.  A lot of work in this cue for a great price.

$1350 plus shipping

The butt cap and the joint are both made from a creamy white linen-based melamine.  They look good, and it is durable and functional.

It is built with a flat-faced LBM over wood joint with a stainless steel radial pin.  Being new to David's cues, I was anxious to test hit this stick, and as I expected from someone who apprenticed under a Master cue builder, it hits great. 

It comes with two 13mm shafts of very nice, hard, tight-grained maple, and weighs 18.9 ounces.  The ferrules are elforyn and the tips are Wizard softs.  Here is a chance to get in on the ground-level with a pretty, nice-playing cue from someone whom I think will be around making sticks for a long time.