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Here's another very pretty merry widow style cue from David Elliott.  It's made from a nice piece of ebony with good color and is tastefully enhanced with nice details that make it something just a little special.

As I've said other places on this site, I've been impressed with the quality of the work in these Elliott cues, as well as their playability.  Coming from years of experience in the Nitti shop, David is still building his own cues there in Chris' shop, but for the most part using his own machinery.   I expected nothing less in the way of quality, but was still surprised how nice they were when I finally got them in my hands and on the felt.

Both the butt sleeve and the nose are of beautiful Gabon ebony.  The handle is expertly wrapped with a very nice piece of black Spanish bull leather, which looks really nice and feels completely comfortable in your hand.  The thickness of the leather is absolutely perfect and the seam is almost invisible.

This ebony is nice and black.  In my opinion, some of the best hitting cues are made from ebony.  For sure, it makes a beautiful cue.

Above and below the wrap, he builds in a set of double black phenolic rings, separated by a classy white double fiber ring, each .015 in. thick.  I really like the way this frames the handle as well as the nose and butt sleeve.

He uses this same white double ring above the butt cap and at the joint, and boldly engraves his "E" logo on the black phenolic butt cap.

He also uses the white rings on the ring collars of the shafts.

Here are some additional pictures showing the high quality of the pretty bubinga used throughout this stick.

The black phenolic joint looks great with the double white ring.

He builds it with a flat-faced double-black phenolic over wood joint, with a stainless steel radial pin.  It weighs 19.2 ounces.

Another good look at the Spanish bull leather wrap.

It comes with two 13mm shafts of very nice hard, tight-grained maple, with elforyn ferrules and Wizard soft tips.  The work in this cue and in all of David's work I've seen to date is extremely solid and meticulous, and if you're looking for a pretty cue at a very affordable price that plays great, I recommend it.