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Although Mike Durbin's high end cues are in great demand these days, he still finds time to make good, solid player cues in a great budget range.  This merry widow is such a cue - pretty red heart wood in a simple design, dressed up with a few nice details to make it pretty, but still deadly.

The red heart has a bright, pretty color with wavy bands of grain that give it a striking appearance.   Framed in the fancy Durbin rings, it's a beautiful piece of wood.

For anyone who's been looking for a top custom cue from a great cuemaker, this is a good choice.   These cues by Mike really hit a ton.  There's a good reason so many top players are using his sticks.

He adds a nice linen wrap in black with white specks.  It looks nice against the red heart and it feels good in the hand.

I love the wavy effect that the grain in this wood gives.  When the cue is moved in the hands, it really stands out.

He builds this cue with an elforyn joint and butt cap.  The white material provides a nice contrast against the wood.  The rings, made up of pieces of redheart, elforyn and ebony, along with a couple of very minute yellow veneers, are sandwiched between two nickel silver rings, and they are very nice.

Mike has started building a lot of his cues - like this one - with a butt cap that includes a rubber bumper with a female thread inside to accommodate an extension that he makes.  If you don't want or need one, no problem.  But if you do, you can now call him and just have one sent without having to send the cue back to have it adapted.

As usual, he engraves his logo (name) on the butt cap.

This cue is engineered with a flat faced joint with a 3/8 X 11 G10 resin pin.  It comes with two 13mm shafts of high grade hard maple, with LBM ferrules and LePro tips.  It weighs 18.0 ounces.