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Mike Durbin is constantly pushing the line with his innovative cues, and when he called and told me he was building a "Guitar" cue, I jumped on the opportunity to buy it.  This cue, of course, is the result, and what a result it turned out to be.

The materials in this cue are simple - ebony and elforyn.  Black and white.  The contrast is as clear as you can get, and it certainly pops.

I'm not going to try to describe the inlay patterns in this stick in great detail.  I think the pictures do the talking.  I'll simply say it's smothered in meticulous musical detail, including a guitar and lots of notes with a short musical score.

There's a tremendous amount of detail in the stick, and all is done with great care.

As pretty and unique as this cue is, the hit makes it even better.  I was very impressed with the balance of this cue when I test hit a few balls.  (Mike debutted this cue at the Music City Open recently, and he showed it off by playing with it in the tournament there.)

Mike is frequently using a special butt bumper on his cues these days, which includes a female thread inside the bumper to accommodate an extension bolt.  In this way, if you want to add an extension later, you can do so without having to send the cue back to be retrofitted.

He adds an LBM joint and butt cap, again, all in white.  They provide the perfect accents to help frame this gorgeous cue.  As usual, he engraves his logo/name in the butt cap.

He builds it with a 3/8 X 11 G10 resin pin in black.  It's used in a flat faced joint configuration that will ensure the cue has the great "Durbin" hit.  It comes with two 13mm shafts of premium hard maple, with LBM ferrules and LePro tips.  It weighs 18.1 ounces.
PRICE:  $3250 Plus Shipping