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One of the things I like about Mike Durbin is that in spite of his success and the demand for his higher end cues, he continues to make a significant number of very affordable "player" level cues.  He has a big following among players - from top competitors at the upper end of the food chain to everyday league players.  What they have in common is that they all want a cue they can afford that plays extremely well.

This is a simply designed, but expertly built, merry widow cue that keeps the cost down, but accented with a few extras to make it a bit special.  It's made with some beautiful Ebony and curly Quilted Maple with great figure.

It's a wrapless cue, with a handle of some beautiful Quilted Maple with great figure and color.  For fans of wood handled cues, this is a great choice.

To dress it up he adds some very pretty rings that add a little extra color and spark.  They are made from double white rings framing a series of small white rectangles spaced with little blue and reddish brown squares formed by four small veneers.

In addition, he builds it with a white elforyn joint and butt cap.   These further accent the entire cue, and give it a great overall look.

Just take a look at the pretty wood in this great-playing cue.

This is a dazzling piece of quilted maple.  Cue makers usually save a piece of this quality for one of their high end, or "show" cues.

He uses the rings generously throughout the cue - above the butt cap, below and above the handle, at the joint, on the ring collars of the shafts and even on the joint protector for the butt.

It is made with a solid elforyn flat-faced joint with a G10 resin pin with a 3/8 X 11 thread.  Mike firmly believes these G10 pins contribute strongly to the well-known "hit" of his sticks. 
It comes with two 13mm shafts of Mike's premium (and exceptional) maple, with elforyn ferrules and LePro tips.  It weighs 19.2 ounces (15.4, 3.8, 3.8) and is 58 inches long.
This is a great playing cue with a snazzy look for a very affordable price, all from a top tier cue maker.
PRICE:  $2150 plus shipping.

He caps each of the ebony joint protectors with a thin layer of white elforyn, and the engraves them with his logo (on the butt cap) and the numbers 1 and 2 for the shaft protectors.