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Here is another pretty player from Mike Durbin.  I got this cue from him at this year's Mosconi Cup.  It's a basic design cocobolo cue with a solid forearm and butt sleeve, with all the inlay work happening in the beautiful ring pattern.  But best of all, it's a Durbin, and it plays like one.

One of the things I like about Mike's work is that he doesn't always focus on building cues "on order", or even cues that meet the usual expectations.  He doesn't sit in his shop and plan to build six or eight cues that will all sell for $800-900.  He thinks in different terms.  He builds what he likes, and still has fun and does a lot of experimentation with his cues.  Sometimes that means he'll take a simple design and dress it up.  That's what he did with this stick.

He began this stick with a pretty piece of cocobolo, leaving it untouched and letting the beauty of the wood show off.  But that's where it stops being ordinary.  First, he experimented with a new ring pattern that turns out to be ... gorgeous.  Then he adds a rich elephant ear wrap, a titanium pin, and his own low deflection shafts.  He didn't cut any corners on this one.

Take a close look at these rings.  They are more complex than realized at a glance.  Each ring is made up of two copper rings with a series of copper rectangles in between.  Each copper rectangle is then outlined with silver .016" thick.  It's a subtle highlight that makes them very special rings.  All of this work takes place in a background of ebony. (There's a lot of work in these rings, without a doubt.)

I love the way the red cocobolo, the copper rings, and the color of the wrap all go together so well.  It's a great color scheme.

He uses a beautiful brown elephant ear wrap that not only matches the color scheme of the cue, but feels as good in the hand as any wrap I've ever felt.  Part of this is the way he presses the leather after it's in place.  It's gorgeous, and feels elegant.

Everything just goes together on this cue - a perfect synthesis of materials and design.  He finishes the overall look by building in a Super Tusk elforyn butt cap and joint sleeve.  They are the final touch, and important to finishing the look of the stick.  And, of course, he engraves his logo in the butt cap, this time filling it with powdered copper.

His ferrules are elforyn, and the tips are LePros.  It comes with two 13 mm shafts of premium tight-grained maple, and it weighs 19.2 ounces with either shaft.  He built it with a 3/8X11 titanium pin to help keep the weight at a minium and insure perfect balance.

Mike is making his own LD shafts now, and they have drawn high praise from those who have played with them.  Mike's cues are used by a lot of top players, and feedback from them has been very positive.

One final touch - Mike is building all his cues now with a pre-threaded bolt to fit his extensions.  If you don't want one, you'll never really know it's there, but if you decide you want one later, you can call Mike and order one.  You don't have to send the cue and have it retrofitted.  He simply sends you the extension and it fits like a charm.

Mike also builds his butt caps with a hard rubber bumper, which expands less when it hits the floor (Temper, temper!), and is less likely to split out the butt cap. 
This cue is simple and conservative, yet subtly stands out in the crowd.  But keep in mind all the added features - special rings, premium woods, extension converter, elephant ear wrap, titanium pin and low deflection shafts.  This cue is loaded!