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Finally I've been able to obtain a couple of the long-awaited Durbin break cues.  This is a single purpose cue (not a jump/break combination) that is designed specifically for breaking.  By not trying to build in a jump combination, he is able to focus 100% on breaking.

These cues are unique in that the butt and handle section is 100% maple, and the nose is a synthetic material which is very stiff and allows all the energy of the stroke to be forced through the shaft and into the cue ball.  Mike has put this into the hands of a number of good players during its testing phase, and he tells me that on an average players were able to get approximately 2 mph more on the cue ball over their traditional break cues.

They have an elforyn butt cap, joint and ferrule.  They come with one shaft which is a fairly straight taper, but thick and very stiff.  They hit the ball very hard.  I've test hit these myself, and I can assure you they hit the ball a ton.

These are made with a 3/8X10 pin of stainless steel in a flat faced configuration.  

I have two of these in stock at this time.  One weighs 18.7 ounces (sale pending), the other 18.6.  

18.7 ounces