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I've been predicting for several years that Mike Durbin would eventually make his way up the hierarchy towards the top tier of cuemakers.  This cue is a big step in that direction.  It is by far the most elaborate and nicest cue he has made to date. 

I've named this cue "Aztec Influence" because to my eye it seems to have the flavor of Aztec design.  It is a visual cocophany of squares, angles and crosses that are typical of Aztec art.  But regardless of how one sees or interprets it, it is definitely a brilliant work of art.  (I love the overlaid rectangles in the butt sleeve!)

Mike took a giant step forward with this cue.  It is a far more complicated design than he previously undertook, and the sheer amount of work exceeds anything else he's done.  It's important to note, however, that although the creativity in this cue is special, the execution of the design is also superb.  Considering that Mike only uses a pantagraph to do his inlays, it is obvious that this is a remarkable cue.

This cue begins as a four-point cue into a nose of ebony.  But that's where the simplicity ends.  He adds long ivory points with kingwood, holly and ebony veneers that he executes with the use of black paper to make them look extra crisp. He then inlays each point with an Aztec-like cross of kingwood.

He adds fancy ringwork comprised of checks of the same woods.  But now comes the really good part - he segments the handle with large rings of ivory and ebony, all nicely held together with a series of kingwood and ivory inlays.  The best thing about this cue is not how much work there is in it, but rather how well all that work holds together, culminating in a real masterpiece.

He builds this stick with his favorite joint - a 3/8X11 G10 resin pin in a flat faced wood-to-wood configuration.  It hits the ball a ton!

Everything in this cue that is white is ivory, with the exception of the holly veneers.  It comes with two 13mm shafts with ivory ferrules, and weighs right at 20 ounces.  It's brand new, the execution and work are phenomenol, and it's flat-out gorgeous.