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Paul Drexler is known for artistry and his creative and colorful cues.  His designs are always original and his work is as good as it gets.  Here is a rare one - his contribution to the "Special Collection" at the 2010 International Cue Collector Show in Sarasota.  The theme, Maritime Cues, drew some of the most beautiful and creative cues ever made.

He called this his "Nautical Theme" cue.  As the pictures show, this beautiful cue is chock-full of detail, including lighthouses, anchors, seascapes and other symbols of the sea.  They are weaved into one of his finest pieces of work I've seen.  Although ten years old, this cue is still unplayed and unchalked.

This cue was originally purchased by a private collector and it has been on display for the last ten years.  It is still unplayed and unchalked.  A cue like this one will never be built again, and to find it in mint condition after all these years is amazing.  (There are two similar cues made by Paul, but without the beautiful ringwork as well as some other detailed differences.  This is the original ICCS cue.)

A close examination of the butt sleeve reveals many symbols of the sea - anchors, rescue rings, a rotating seascape and even lobsters.  The "sea wave", in both the butt sleeve and the forearm, is made from ivory, Persian turquoise, Chrysacolla and Azurite/Malachite.  The background is a maple burl that has been dyed Ocean blue.

The gorgeous points are of pure silver, and a lot of it.  They are framed in ivory.  They go into a forearm of dyed burl with a nice blueish cast.  Halfway up, and flowing between the points is the Ocean wave.

This is a beautiful cue.  Paul's artistry is really allowed to come out in the design of this stick.  The colors, detail and overall design all comes together to make this an unbelievably gorgeous cue, and one of the outstanding cues in the collection of that year.

The ringwork in this cue is exquisite.  Paul calls it "anchor chain ringwork."  It is a series of interlocking silver circles connected by silver bars made to symbolize anchor chain.  They would look great on any cue, but especially on this one.

The silver anchors in the butt sleeve, laid over the red and white rescue rings, are one of the highlighted details of this beautiful cue.  This inlay is made of ivory, mother of pearl and red coral.

As with most of Paul's cues, the Pfd Studios logo is engraved into the butt cap ... in this case, solid ivory.

The inlaid red lobster is another highlight and important detail in this stick.  It is made from Bloody Basin Jasper.

He finished the handle of this one with a beautiful bleached and dyed white ringtail lizard wrap.  According to Paul's original letter submitted with this cue, it is "reminiscent of white sand beaches."  (The original letter comes with the cue.)

Also accompanying this fine cue is the original letter of submission from Paul describing his process in making this cue.  (Also pictured is the custom Whitten case that comes with the cue.)

The butt cap, joint, inlays and ferrules on this cue are all pure, solid ivory.

At the joint, he uses a double silver ring.  He also puts these into the custom made joint protectors.

The joint protectors are made of ebony, with the double silver rings matching the cue, and capped in ivory with the Pfd engraved logo.
This stick comes with two 13 mm shafts with ivory ferrules, unplayed and unchalked.  It weighs  19.3 ounces.  It is built with a flat-faced solid ivory joint with a stainless steel radial pin.

It also comes with a special Whitten black leather 1X2 case with the Drexler logo engraves in the top.  And ... wait for it ... talk about "provenance", it comes with a special necktie that Paul wore when he presented this cue to the attendees at the Sarasota ICCS.