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For a number of years now, Eddie Cohen has been making some of the most attractive and well-built cues on the market.  This stick is one more example of why he has been so successful.

This stick could be called a "Southwest" style, in that it is has a butt sleeve design similar to Southwest brand cues, has six points, and has no inlays.  And, the ring pattern is similar.  However, this design is an iconic look these days, and is made by many cuemakers. 

This cue is wrapless, with a wood handle of beautiful curly maple.   The curly pattern is quite striking and when the cue is moved, the wood seems to come alive.

He uses the same curly maple in the nose, and it contrasts nicely with the pretty cocobolo in the points.  In the butt sleeve, it's the same - a long cocobolo sleeve with a shorter maple sleeve.

He caps the butt of the cue with black phenolic and uses the same for the joint.  They frame the entire cue nicely.

He uses three veneers for separation - black, red and natural maple.  They provide the "spark" in this cue, and the bright colors provide a nice accent for the cocobolo.

The wood selection for this cue is exceptional.  The maple is curly, and many people would call it "tiger maple."  The cocobolo is bright and a beautiful shade of reddish-brown, with nice grain.

The points are nice and sharp. 
Take another look at how pretty this maple is.

The rings are made from the same veneers as those used in the points - red, black and maple.

This picture shows just how well these two woods go together to make a very classy cue.

This cue comes with two 13mm shafts of Eddie's premium tight-grained maple with Tomahawk ferrules and Triangle medium tips.  It is built with his 3/8X10 modified steel pin in a flat faced joint.  The feel of this wood to wood joint is one of the things that works in combination with other factors to make his cues play so well.  It weighs 18.7 ounces.
PRICE:  $2100 plus shipping