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Here is another well-made, great playing cue by Eddie Cohen.  This one is a beauty!  It's made from some unbelievable spalded maple burl and an ebony nose.  The burl is of such great quality it's difficult to describe.  Thankfully, I think the pictures show it well.

Although this cue utilizes a basic four point design, it is anything but simple.  The spalded Tamarind has gorgeous figure and color, making it a spectacular room-stopper.  This cue will get people's attention! 

Adding to the natural beauty of the woods, Eddie built this with pretty veneers, fancy rings, elforyn joint and a nice leather wrap.  He also utilizes a "Hoppe" style ring at the butt cap.

Just take a look at the Tamarind in this butt sleeve.  If you could find the phrase "highly figured" in a dictionary, this picture should be posted next to the definition!

The wood in this stick is so gorgeous, I want to be sure to provide several views of it from various perspectives.  Here are a few ...

I like the way he builds in a traditional Hoppe-style ring at the butt, and the way he sets it off with red veneer rings that match the veneers in the points.

The use of red veneers in this cue were critical to its great looks.  As beautiful as the spalded Tamarind is, it's very light in color and needed a highlight color to set it all off.  These red veneers do it perfectly.

Just in case anyone is confused ... this is not a google image of earth from 30 miles out.  It's the butt sleeve of a custom Cohen cue.

I wanted to include the photo below in full size so that the complexity of these veneers can be seen.  It's one of the reasons special cuemakers make cues that somehow just look better than other cues.  From outside to inside, you can see black construction paper (BCP), red, BCP, maple, yellow, maple, BCP and finally red again.

He completes this cue with several important details, including wrapping the handle with a beautiful Spanish bull black leather.  It looks good, feels great and wears well.

He finishes it with an LBM joint, built in a flat faced configuration with a stainless steel 3/8X10 pin.  It comes with two 13mm shafts with Tomahawk ferrules and Triangle medium tips.  It weighs a very pleasurable 19.2 ounces.  Take a good look - this one won't last long.