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Most serious cue buyers already know the name of Eddie Cohen, who has risen to the top echalon of the cue making industry over the past few years.  Not as many buyers will recognize the Rounceville name.  This is a "hybrid" of sorts, a cue built by Cohen using a double butterfly blank by Rounceville Wood Works - probably the premier butterfly blank maker on the market today.

You don't have to look very long to realize why a cuemaker would utilize a blank made by Rounceville.  Their work is top notch, and a beautiful butterfly cue like this is hard to make. 

For fans of wrapless cues this is a great choice.  Because of the double butterfly, it would have been a shame to try to cover one of them with a wrap.  Leaving it wrapless allows all the true beauty of this stick to shine.

With this cue you get the best of both worlds - a beautiful butterfly made by the top butterfly cue maker today, utilized in a build by one of the best cuemakers.  I was very anxious to test hit this stick, and was pleased to realize it hit just like other Coens I've had.  It hits solid, yet soft, is fairly stiff, and it hits great.  Because of all the ebony, it is a tad heavy (19.7), but it is so well balanced that it feels lighter in the hand.

There is really a lot of ebony in this cue.  It is black and pure, and of very good quality.  If you've kept up with cue pricing in recent years, you probably already know that the cost of ebony has gone up astronomically, resulting in most cuemakers charging a premium for cues made with ebony.  It's not unusual to pay an extra $200 just for a cue made with an ebony forearm and butt sleeve.

It's a little difficult to capture the true overall beauty of this design, because of the double butterfly pattern.  Keep in mind that each time you see the design, there are actually two of them in the cue.

And of course, a fancy Cohen wouldn't be a fancy Cohen without fancy and creative ringwork.  This is the first time I think he's done this ring pattern, and it's terrific.  It's made up of a series of three-pronged abalone inlays (shaped a little like a Ninja throwing star), each with an ebony dot in the middle.  

He uses the rings above the butt cap, at the joint, on the ring collars of the shafts and on the fancy joint protectors.  And, as usual, engraves his name/logo in the elforyn butt cap.

The colors are the stars of this cue.  The combination of blues, greens, black and white result in a striking, vivid visual effect that really stand out against the pure black ebony background.

I always prefer butterfly cues like this one that have traditional points built between the butterflies.  I just think it adds to the look and makes them ultra-cool.

He builds and includes matching joint protectors with the fancy ringwork.  When this cue comes out of your case with these protectors, it will definitely capture some attention.

There's a lot to like about Eddie's cues, but the great hit they have is of primary interest.  They always hit soft but solid, with a perfect blend of stiffness and balance.  This one is no exception.

It's made with two 13mm shafts of very nice maple, with Tomahawk ferrules and Triangle tips.  It's also built with his usual flat-faced joint with a 3/8X10 stainless steel pin.
PRICE:  $3800 plus shipping