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Here is another splendid cue from Eddie Cohen featuring all of the things he does best - fine choice of wood, original fancy ring design, fine attention to detail, a fine finish, and a great hit.

Above all else, Cohen cues have a reputation for fine play.  As good as they look, they play better. 

The highlight of this cue, without a doubt, is the fine piece of quilted Sapale used in the nose and butt sleeve.  Kudos to Eddie, who chose to not put points or inlay in the beautiful piece of wood and let it stand on it own ... which it does quite well.  Quilted sapale like this piece is one of the most expensive woods, and you can see why.

When this cue is in your hand and in movement, or simply rolled on a table, it comes alive.  It looks as though the figure in the wood is moving, with a life of its own.

And of course, it wouldn't be a Cohen without some gorgeous, fancy rings.  He uses a design on this cue that he has used before on other sticks, and it has been one of his most popular.

I like the way the "arrows" in the rings  get smaller in size as the diameter goes down on the upper rings.  This set of rings really give the entire cue a striking appearance.

The figure in this quilted Sapale is very impressive.  This is one that pictures do not do justice - it's even more striking in person.  It looks a lot like the figure in a nice piece of snakewood.

He wraps the handle with a very pretty piece of textured, honey brown leather which goes perfectly with the beautiful sapale.

He finishes it with a black phenolic butt cap with his name/logo engraved in it.

And to complement the butt cap, and the overall cue, he adds a matching black phenolic joint.

As usual, he builds the joint in a flat-faced configuration with his modified 3/8X10 stainless steel pin. 

This stick comes with two premium quality maple shafts with Tomahawk ferrules and LePro tips.  It weighs 19.2 ounces.
(If someone wanted to add a carbon fiber shaft to this cue, the Revo, Jacoby black and Cuetec Cynergy shafts all fit, if you request the 3/8X10 modified.  And, for other shafts, Eddie can do conversions for a small charge.)

This cue is brand new, straight from Eddie's shop in California.