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Eddie Cohen continues to keep himself at the top of the list of young creative cuemakers with great cues like this one.  It's a six pointer, with pretty Goncalvo-Alves going into a nose of dark East Indian Rosewood, and a matching Goncalvo-Alves butt sleeve.

The Goncalvo-Alves in this cue might be the prettiest I've seen.  It has nice grain and beautiful honey brown color.  It goes very well against the East Indian Rosewood.  Goncalvo Alves is sometimes called "Tiger Wood" and is very dense and durable.  Because the wood in this cue has dark, irregular grain, it is likely heart wood.  It has superb stiffness and strength.

For separation, he uses just one thin white veneer, and that's all that's needed.  It nicely frames each point against the dark rosewood background.

As pretty as the wood in this cue is, the "co-star" is the copper ring pattern he uses generously throughout.  Each ring is made up of a series of copper rings interrupted by small copper ovals.  He uses this same pattern above the butt cap, below and above the wrap, at the joint and on the ring collars of the shafts.

Here are a couple more views of the beautiful Goncalvo-Alves in the butt sleeve and points.  The copper rings give the whole cue a rich and classy look.

As always, Eddie's work is clean and precise.  The points are sharp and even, and the inlays are meticulously done.

At the top and bottom of the butt he uses a black phenolic butt cap and joint.  And as usual, he engraves his name/logo on the butt cap.

He wraps the handle with a black leather wrap that is nicely peppled.  It feels good and looks good.

He builds it with a copper 3/8X10 modified pin in a flat-faced joint.  His cues all hit good, and this one is no exception.  And although the finish on a pin is not particularly important, it sure looks good when the cue is apart and it matches the copper rings.  It's a nice little touch that will make a future owner a little extra proud of this cue.

This stick comes with two 13mm shafts of top quality tight-grained maple with Tomahawk ferrules and Triangle medium tips.  It weighs 18.95 oz.