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Here is a very fancy new cue from Eddie Cohen, one of the most "in demand" young cuemakers in today's market - an ebony cue with ebony points and matching butt sleeve.  Eddie's work is always top-notch and his cues hit a ton.

As the pictures show, he didn't hold back on this one.  The butt sleeve is loaded up with lots of inlays, and the overall design is exquisite - all white inlays with silver accent dots against the pure black ebony background.

The forearm is more of the very black ebony, both nose and points, and the points are distinctively framed with three layers of veneer in white, silver and white.  At the base of each point is a small notched diamond and dot inlay pattern that looks just right.

He uses a very pretty diamond and circle ring pattern all over this stick.  Small white diamonds and small silver dots circling the cue, framed between two thin white rings.  It's a beautiful design - lots of work and generously used throughout the cue.  Like I said, he spared no effort when building this one.

He uses the notched diamond and dot pattern, with ovals, effusively in the butt sleeve.  It turned out gorgeous.

He wrapped it with what is probably the most popular material today - a black Spanish bull leather.  It has great texture, feels good, looks good and wears well.

Take a close look at the work in this stick ... it's about as perfect as this kind of hand-made work can be.

The wood in this cue is exceptional.  Just a good ebony blank these days can cost $200 or more, so he wasn't cutting any corners here.

The butt cap and joint are white Juma (a linen-based imitation ivory material) and they look perfect on this black and white cue.

As always, his work results in very sharp inlays, very sharp points and distinctive good looks.

He engraves his name/logo on the butt cap.

He definitely swung for the fence on this one.  Look at the custom joint protectors - he uses the matching ring pattern that is generously used throughout this stick, and they are very striking.  (Eddie told me these joint protectors, ordered separately, are a $600 item.)

He builds it with his favorite joint, a flat-faced joint with his 3/8X10 modified stainless steel pin.  It weighs 19.3 ounces, and comes with two 13mm shafts of his premium tight grained maple, with Tomahawk ferrules and Triangle medium tips.  This is an outstanding cue, and a great opportunity to buy a Cohen without the long wait on a personal order.