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If you're looking for beautiful cue by a top custom cuemaker that has lots of bells and whistles, and most important, hits the balls with the touch of a pro, this stick might be for you.  It's a gorgeous stick by Eddie Cohen that will make any owner proud.

As the pictures clearly show, this cue has lots of eye appeal.  It's an ebony and maple cue with four points of ebony going into a pretty birdseye maple nose, with a maple butt sleeve with traditional ebony veneered windows and lots of inlay work.  He finishes it off with a white LBM butt cap with his name/logo engraved in it.

However, that's just the big picture.  The details of this cue are what makes it special.  As you look at it more closely, you'll notice the bridged points, the special rings, and the fine veneer work.  This cue has it all.

At the base of each point he inlays a notched diamond of white elforyn.  He then repeats this pattern in each window in the butt sleeve.

The colors of the veneers add a great deal to this stick.  They are and black, dark blue, light blue and white. The corners are all precise and meticulously built.  He uses the same colors on the points and around the ebony boxes in the butt sleeve.  They really stand out, and when combined with the gorgeous rings and sharp inlays, this cue becomes a knockout.

These veneers are sharp and distinctive, and come together into a very pleasing combination of color.

It's difficult for me to decide what I like best about this cue's appearance - the bridged points, the keen veneers, or the rings.  However, for a cuemaker who is known for distinctive and unique ring patterns, I think these are among his best. With alternating blocks of blue and white that match the veneers, sandwiched between double rings of silver, what's not to like?

Take a close look at the details.  The veneered corners of both the bridged points and the windows are close to perfect.  The inlays are insanely sharp.  This cue took a lot of time and work.  Most cuemakers don't make many cues with bridged points at their base - it is simply too time consuming.

Above and below each of the inlaid diamonds are simple white dots.  It's a simple addition, and definitely worthwhile.

He adds a black Spanish bull leather wrap which looks great and feels outstanding in the hand.

Here's another view - a little closer - of the fine detail in this stunning cue.

He builds this one with a flat-faced wood-to-wood joint with a 3/8X10 stainless steel pin, using an elforyn sleeve over the core of maple.  It comes with two 13mm shafts of premium quality tight-grained maple, with Tomahawk ferrules and Triangle medium tips.  It weighs 19.2 ounces.