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I purchased this cue from Eddie at the 2023 International Cue Collector Show in Oklahoma City.  When I saw it, I wanted it immediately.  I was intriqued with how well the wrap matched the wood in the cue, and thought it had a very unique look.

This cue has a butt sleeve and points of very pretty black ash burl, with four points going into a maple nose.  A pretty simple design, but done with a lot of taste. 

As you can see from the picture above, the texture and color of the leather wrap is so close to the color and look of the black ash burl, it's almost hard to see where the wood ends and the leather begins.

Eddie has a good eye for designs and great choices of materials to make really classy cues.  Another cue he brought to the show as his entry in the Grand Collection featured lots of copper veneer work, and won both the big awards at the show - the Collectors Choice and the Peoples Choice.  It's very rare for a young, upcoming cue maker to win these prestigious awards.

He finishes his butt sleeve with a Hoppe style white Juma ring above a black phenolic cap, and he engraves his logo/name in the white ring.

The points are long, even and sharp.

The black ash burl points are outlined with four layers of veneer in black, red, orange and maple.

The figure and grain in this burl is outstanding.  It's a beautiful piece of wood.

Beautiful, very sharp points.

A couple more good looks at this beautiful and unusual leather wrap.  I've never seen another one like it.

He uses a brown ring just above the wrap as a foundation for the points.  And at the joint, he uses a more complicated ring with color that really complement the other materials in the cue.

He builds it with his favorite steel 3/8 X 10 modified pin in a flat-faced joint. It comes with two 13mm premium maple shafts and weighs 19.2 (15.2, 4.0, 4.0) ounces.  This is a snazzy little cue which plays great and is very attractive.  It's getting very difficult to find cues by Eddie that aren't priced significantly higher, so here's a good opportunity to get into one at a good price.