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Eddie's been making beautiful cues for quite a few years now, but he hasn't made many as nice as this one.  For someone looking for a primo cue from a top cuemaker, this one should be a candidate.

While the forearm of this cue is a classic "Tuxedo" design, the butt sleeve is a unique pairing.  It is made from a series of ebony and elforyn blocks, with a gorgeous silver notched diamond inlaid into a block of ebony.

The forearm design is very traditional - eight points, four long with silver clovers at the top, and four short, with silver diamonds.  Pure white elforyn going into sheer black ebony.  All done with perfect workmanship.

The butt sleeve is built with a series of black and white squares and rectangles in a geometric pattern, with a large notched silver diamond inlaid in four of the ebony rectangles.  At each end  is an elaborate ringset which is used repeatedly throughout the cue.

The ringset (as usual with Eddie's cues) is elaborate and complex.  Each ring consists of two white rings of concentric small squares, circumventing a ring of small and smaller alternating silver dots.

Then, in addition to all the other accoutrements in this cue, he adds a final touch - sleek silver veneers lining the points.  These add immensely to the overall impression the cue gives, particularly with movement as they pick up and reflect the light.

I especially like the way he inlays the notched silver diamonds at the bases of the long points into a very slightly larger ebony diamond, outlining them with a three dimensional look.

A very classy design, done meticulously.  The black, white and silver complement each other perfectly.  I know Eddie has made a number of big, beautiful cues, and I know I haven't seem them all, but this is nicest I've seen from him.

Here's a good close-up look at the ringset.  And as usual, Eddie engraves his "Cohen" logo in the butt cap.

He also uses the rings above the wrap, and at the joint.

His use of silver throughout the cue is abundant, and I particularly like the way it is balanced.  Note the use in the forearm with the silver diamonds, the silver spearheads and finally, the silver clovers.

All the work is meticulously done.

He uses a very nice black textured leather wrap for the handle.

He uses the rings generously at the joint, on the shaft ring collars and the joint protectors.  The protectors are made with elforyn, ebony and silver.

He builds it with his modified 3/8X10 steel pin in a flat-faced joint.  All of Eddie's cues are terrific playing cues, with a solid, firm, fairly stiff hit.
It weighs 20.1 ounces (16.3, 3., 3.8) and is 58 inches long.

The shafts are 13mm, built from premium maple, with Tomahawk ferrules and Kamui Black soft tips.
This is one of the finest cues, if not the finest, that I have seen from Eddie.  It is an extraordinary piece of workmanship and artistry, and it will compete with any cue made for playability.  If you're looking for the best, here is a great opportunity.