Recollection Cues

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Here's a big one from Eddie Cohen.  It's a four pointer with bridged points and a butt sleeve loaded up with fancy inlays.  It's a unique design, and the first one like it I've seen from Eddie. 

The veneers look great in this stick - natural maple, red, green and black.  And with the bridged points at the bottom, it's really a slick-looking cue.

In the base of each point, he uses a stylized, notched diamond, with two dots, all of beautiful mother of pearl.  Then he uses the same pattern in the butt sleeve as the centerpiece of the design down there.

These five double-headed arrows really stand out in this stick.  It's a very unique design, and one well-executed by Eddie.  It's colorful, yet tasteful, and under a pool table light, it really shines.

I love Eddie's bridged points.  They're always mitered perfectly, and they add so much to a cue's appearance.  In additions he uses a fancy ring set using the same colors of veneers as those framing the points.

Just another look at this gorgeous butt sleeve ...

Sheer elegance ...

And pure class!

Lots of inlay work in this one.

As always, his points are long, sharp and even.

He uses a pretty black wild Scotch grain wrap on it.  Looks and feels great.

It's made with a 3/8X10 stainless steel pin in a flat-faced Juma joint. 

He uses Tomahawk LBM for his ferrules, with Kamui black soft tips.  It comes with two of his excellent shafts made from premium maple, each at 13mm with his own taper.

Eddie's cues are hard to find, and a long wait with a special order.  Here's a chance to get one right now and be playing with it in a couple of days.

This is really a great looking stick, made to play.  It weighs 18.95 ounces (butt: 15.0, shafts both 3.95).  It hits a ton.