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Richard Chudy RC3
West Palm Style Cue

This is a cue that I've been hoping to own for a long time.  The design was first created by Richard for the West Palm Beach ICCS several years ago, and he has since made several along the same lines.  (If you want to see more pictures of this cue, you can find it under "Engraved Cues" on the RC3 website.

This is one of the classiest cues I've seen.  It is typical of Chudy's work - sheer class and elegance.  Simple, but complex.  It is a basic ebony, silver and ivory cue.  On the other hand, it is inlaid with intricate patterns of ivory and silver, and engraved as only a master engraver can do. 

There's not a lot that's necessary to say to describe this stick.  The pictures really ARE worth a thousand words. 

Some of the unique features include the G-10 pin, built with a solid ivory flat-faced joint.  It comes with custom made RC3 joint protectors of ivory, ebony and matching silver rings, with the engraved RC3 logo.  On the end of the pin is an inlaid ivory wafer with the cue's serial number and logo almost microscopically engraved.

Richard finished this stick with rings of silver dashes, an ivory butt cap, and a beautifully applied black textured leather wrap.  It comes with two 13mm shafts, one of which appears to be unplayed, but the other has definitely been used.  However, it's cleaned up nicely and has no dings, dents, etc., and looks good.  The butt is in excellent condition and appears as if new.  Overall, the stick is in very good condition.  It weighs 19.6 ounces.

This is a great deal on a super high end cue by one of today's top cuemakers.   It is a one-of-a-kind, and extremely collectible.