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Richard Chudy is one of the more artistic cuemakers in the business today, and this cue is a good example of the creative designs he brings to the craft.  He calls this design the "Kyoto", suggesting a Japanese motiff.

He told me he has built this design before in various woods, but he has recently made some minor changes in the design of the inlay pattern that he thinks makes this an improvement over past ones.

This one is in Honduran East Indian Rosewood with a very nice black leather wrap.  The inlays are of white LBM and stabilized holly.

I love this inlay design.  It's unique, and very pleasing to the eye.  If a cue can have "feng shui", this one does.

He builds this one with a black phenolic butt cap, with his RC3 logo engraves just above it.  He also uses his favorite ring pattern of simple silver dots - simple, but classy.

As with almost all of his cues, he builds it with a modified 3/8X10 G10 resin pin, to which he attributes a lot of the credit for the great hit his cues have.  And, as he does with most of his higher-end cues, he puts a small white insert in the end of the pin with his logo.

He uses a flat faced joint, with a black phenolic sleeve over wood.  It comes with two 13mm shafts with matching ringwork, and melamine ferrules.  It weighs 19.0 ounces.  

I can't describe how good Richard's cues hit, but trust me, they do.  And this is a very classy and attractive cue.


NOTE:  There is one change to this cue from the pictures.  It actually comes with a matching Honduran Rosewood joint cap for the butt, rather than the ebony one shown in the pictures.