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Chris Byrne is a top cue-maker out of Colorado who doesn't make many cues, but when he does, they are always very high quality, and very pretty.  He's a top mechanic, machinist and gun-smith, and his overall knowledge and skill result in some very fine cue sticks.  Because he makes so few cues, they are hard to find, and even harder to obtain.

This cue was made a few years ago, but is in near mint condition, and shows just a little play on one shaft.  The other appears to be unplayed.  It's made of all Brazilian Rosewood, with deep, dark color and subtle grain.  It's a classic four pointer, with an old school design.

The four rosewood points are separated from the rosewood nose with three layers of veneer - natural maple, royal blue, and natural maple - separated by layers of black paper.  They brighten the cue and give it a classic look.  The points are sharp and even, and long - they go to with two inches of the joint.

At the base of each point is a classic inlay pattern consisting of a notched diamond and a simple dot of beautiful mother of pearl.  A quick look at the inlay work under a magnifying glass shows just how sharp and precise his inlay work is.  This is a hallmark of some of the top young cuemakers building cues today - meticulous, extra fine work.  The "notches" in the diamonds are so thin, you have to wonder exactly how he does them.  I consider Chris to be one of top echalon cuemakers today, doing extremely patient work that is virtually flawless.

The butt sleeve - again, all built from the same gorgeous rosewood, is inlaid with 12 of the MOP notched diamonds and 20 MOP dots, resulting in a classic old-school design. 

There's no scrimping on the amount of work he put into this one.  He builds a beautiful ring pattern and uses it above the butt cap, below and above the handle, at the joint and on the ring collars of the shafts.  Each ring consists of two fine silver rings tied togeter with alternating ivory diamonds (each with a minute silver dot in the middle) and small silver dots.  This cue just radiates with subtle "bling."

He built it with a black phenoli butt cap and a short ivory joint that shows beautiful, creamy grain.  (The joint is actually a thick ivory sleeve over a core of maple.)

As with everything on this cue, the wrap is exceptional.  It's as good in quality as any I've ever seen.  It's made from tar black elephant ear, and appears virtually seamless.  It has a shiny finish that dresses up the cue even more, and feels wonderful in your hand.

He signs it under the finish
between the points.

This extraordinary stick comes with two top quality maple shafts with creamy ivory ferrules.  It is 59 inches long and weighs 19.45 ounces.  The butt weighs 15.5, one shaft weighs 4.0 oz. and the other 4.1 oz.  It is built with a flat-faced joint with a stainless steel radial pin.  It has layered tips, which I'm guessing are black Kamuis.

This cue is a rare find.  As alluded to earlier, it is "pre-owned" but in near mint condition.  The only sign of previous ownership I can find is very slight signs of play on one shaft.  And with Chris only making a very few cues a year and a long waiting list, this cue is a bargain.