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Here is a rare old Centenniel case.  Centenniel and Fellini were the stalwarts of first generation tube-style cases.  They were, for the most part, made in a 1X2 configuration and were used to play from, store an extra cue in the closet, or be matched with a special cue to complete the package.  Players loved the simplicity and handyness, and collectors coveted them ... and still do.

Here's an old one I just acquired that is in very good shape and is still very pretty.  It's made from fine brown leather, with a brilliant starburst pattern tooled into the front.  It's a very classy looking case.  All Centenniel cases were high quality, but this one is special.  Most were plain, with no decoration; this one with the tooling is unusual.

This one is in nice shape, but does show some signs of light use.  The seams are all still tight, the interior is nice, and there are no serious dings or scratches.

The tooled portion on the front is nicely done and really accents the beauty of this case. 

Both the top and the bottom are made from nicely polished wood,a dn both are in very good shape.  The bottom especially, which usually shows the most wear on a case, is still very nice and mostly unscratched or dented.

The original identification label is still intact and the interior is nice.

Centenniels are very collectible and at the same time very functional.  They are perfect for showing off a nice high-end cue, and for safe storage.  This one is unique and in very good condition, especially for a case 40 or so years old.