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Here's another example of why Ariel Carmeli is one of the best cuemakers around.  He takes a traditional design, adds a few personal touches and builds it using some of the prettiest wood you'll see anywhere.  This one is a six point bicote built in somewhat of a "Southwest" tradition, and it plays as good as it looks.

He builds this one with six ebony points lined with bleached maple veneers.  The points contrast nicely with the beautiful bicote in the nose.  This is some of the prettiest bicote you'll find.

He adds a nice black leather wrap made from Spanish bull.  This is one of my favorite wraps - it always looks good and feels lush and smooth in the hand.

He builds the butt sleeve in a design reminiscent of many "Southwest" cues, with a long sleeve of bicote and a short, contrasting sleeve of ebony.  It is all separated by maple "railroad track"  rings.


Just take a look at the quality of the bicote in this cue.

I love the way the white veneers stand out and provide special highlights for this stick.

This cue is new, unplayed and unchalked, straight from the shop of Ariel Carmeli.

As with almost all of his cues, it's signed and dated under the finish; in this case, just above the black phenolic butt cap.  It weighs 19.0 ounces and comes with two 13 mm shafts with melamine ferrules and Triangle tips.  It's built with a modified 3/8X10 stainless steel pin in a flat faced joint.
Regular Price:  $2400 Plus Shipping
Recollection Cues Price:  $2000 Plus Shipping