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Here is another great cue from Ariel Carmeli.  This is a six point cue in bicote and ebony.  As usual with Carmeli cues, the wood is of exceptional quality.  

This cue is very similar to another one of his I have on the website at this time.  The main difference is that this one has a butt sleeve of mostly ebony, while in the other, it is mainly bicote.  (The woods are reversed.)

He builds this cue with six points of ebony (three long, three short) going into a nose of gorgeous bicote.  Each point is lined with veneers of white bleached maple.  The contrast of the black points against the bicote is striking and beautiful.

The butt sleeve is reminiscent of a "Southwest" design, with a long sleeve of ebony and a short sleeve of bicote.  They are separated by maple "railroad track" rings, and these same rings are used in the nose and at the joint.

He adds a very nice black Spanish Bull wrap that is nicely textured and looks great.

I love these white points and rings and the kind of separation and contrast they provide.  The appearance of this cue is striking.

As usual, he signs and dates this cue under the finish.  In this case, it is just above the black phenolic butt cap.

This cue is new, unplayed and unchalked, straight from Ariel's shop.

He builds this with a flat faced phenolic joint using his 3/8X10 modified stainless steel pin.  It insures this cue will have his usual solid and soft hit that his cues are known for.  It weighs 18.5 ounces, and comes with two 13mm shafts of premium quality maple with melamine ferrules and Triangle tips.  (There is no ivory in this cue.)