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Here is another six point "Southwest" style cue by Ariel Carmeli, this time all in ebony.  For anyone who loves the feel of an ebony cue, it can't get much better than this. 

For many years now, Ariel Carmeli has been making meticulously built cues, with outstanding woods and finishes you wouldn't mind having on a new Ferrari.  This is a good example of his work - a beautiful stick with a classic look that hits a ton.

This one has an ebony nose, ebony points, and an ebony butt sleeve ... all ebony.  And not just any ebony - premium grade ebony that is black, black, black.

He uses a single, lightly bleached maple veneer to separate the points from the nose, and it does an excellent job.  It's a classy look - sleek and deadly.

He also uses that same bleached maple veneer to construct the ring pattern that is repeated throughout the cue - a very traditional "railroad track" design that has long been the favorite of many of the old "Chicago school" cuemakers.

As you expect with his cues, the points are all meticulously built and veneered.  They are long, sharp and even.

Everything about this cue reflects pure class and elegance.  It is uncluttered, and all business.

Ariel likes to sign his cues, usually somewhere on the cue under the finish, but on this one, there was nowhere to do it that it could be seen.  So, he signs it inside the butt cap under the rubber bumper.

He finishes the handle with a nice textured black leather wrap that feels really good in the hand, and looks good on the stick.  It will also wear well, getting even softer with time.

He builds it with his modified 3/8X10 stainless steel bolt in a flat-faced wood to wood joint.  Also, he builds in a female extension thread inside the butt so that if you want to add an extension later, the cue is already equipped.  No need to send the cue back to have it converted - simply order it later, separately.

This one comes with two 13mm shafts of Ariel's premium hard maple, with LBM melamine ferrrules and Triangle medium tips.  It weighs  ounces and is 58 inches long.  (Note: this cue is priced slightly higher because of the cost of premium ebony today - typically about $200 higher than comparable woods.  And, an extension kit is already built in.)