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Ariel Carmeli has been crafting beautiful cue for a long time, and he's not afraid to push the envelope.  Here is an ultra-fancy wrapless cue that has a great new design.  

This stick is all snakewood and ebony, and the quality of the snakewood is spectacular.  The design of this cue is so elaborate and complicated that it's difficult to describe, so I'm hoping the pictures do it justice.  

As you can tell, he started with an ebony nose and butt cap, added the six veneered snakewood and ebony points, then a three piece handle of more ebony and snakewood.  

Each of the six points - three long and three short - are veneered with three layers of maple and black.  Then the longer, snakewood points - both up and down - received an ornate inlay spear design of Paui shell, outlined in white Juma.

The centerpiece of this cue the middle segment of the handle that is done in snakewood with a lot of inlay in Paui shell and white Juma.  It's a gorgeous design, perfectly executed.

He uses his traditional ring pattern throughout this cue, in six locations on the butt and again on each of the shaft ring collars.  The butt sleeve is spectacular - a mirror image in minature of the nose of the cue.  

The expert workmanship, high quality materials and overall design all come together in this cue to make it something really special.

     Another view of 
     the centerpiece ...

And another view of the butt sleeve ...

The cue is signed by Ariel on the bottom of the butt cap.  All white in this cue is Juma.

He builds this cue with a flat faced joint with a 3/8X10 steel pin of titanium, to help keep the weight down.  It weighs 19.35 ounces.  It comes with two 13mm shafts with Juma ferrules and Triangle tips.

For someone looking for a great looking playing cue this is a great choice.  There is a ton of work in this one for money.  

This cue normally retails for $6500, but the Recollection Cues special price is $5850 plus shipping.