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Here is another super-fancy cue from Ariel Carmeli.  And when he goes all out, the result is always good.  This one is all ebony, with beautiful snakewood points and lots of Paui shell inlay.  If you're looking for a beautiful wrapless cue, this is one for you.

This design of this cue is complex, so it's difficult to describe.  But I'll try.  
It's basically an ebony cue with six points - three long points of ebony, framed with maple veneers, and three short shadow points of snakewood, also with veneers.  Each of the long ebony points is inlaid with a small ornate pattern of Paui shell and white LBM.

The centerpiece of the stick is the middle segment of the handle, heavily inlaid with more Paui shell and LBM.  The handle itself is three segments of ebony, separated by ornate rings.

Here's a closer look at the middle handle segment with inlay.

The butt sleeve is basically a pallindrome of the nose of the cue - the same design going in the opposite direction, just shorter.  It's a great design.

He repeats the ring pattern in six locations in the butt, and also on the ring collars of the shafts.  It's his favorite ring pattern - two silver rings supporting a series of small white LBM diamonds.

The work, fit and finish in this stick is excellent.  The wood is gorgeous.  The design is spectacular.  This is Carmeli at his best.  

He builds this with a flat-faced LBM joint with a 3/8X10 titanium pin.  The titanium pin is lighter than steel and is used here to keep the cue light.  It weighs in at 19.3 ounces, very light, considering the huge amount of ebony in it.

It is signed by Ariel on the bottom of the butt cap.  It comes with two 13mm shafts with matching ringwork, with LBM ferrules and Triangle tips.
This is an outstanding cue, with a ton of work for the price.  Regular retail price on this cue is $6000, but the Recollection Cues price is 
$5400, plus shipping.