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Here is another gorgeous new Carmeli cue that is wonderful to look at, feels remarkable in your hands, and will hit like few other cues.  Once you see and hit this cue, you'll know why he has the reputation he does.

This is an ebony on ebony cue, i.e., ebony points into an ebony nose with an ebony butt sleeve.  As usual, his wood quality is unsurpassed.  The ebony in this cue is as black as black can be, and the highlights he provides with the colorful veneers and the blue inlays makes this the classiest of cues.

The beautiful veneers in this cue are accentuated by the stunnng blue lapis inlays.  Ariel incorporated these inlaid lapis spearheads at the base of each point and again in the elaborate inlay pattern in the butt sleeve.

This stick is a real eye-catcher.  It's one of those cues that you notice across the room ... in a good way.  It makes great use of color, yet is as classy as can be.

I love the veneers in this stick.  They are colorful and well-coordinated - Electric Blue, Ocean Blue (Peacock) and white bleached Sycamore.  They go together to form an overall effect that is hard to beat.

It takes 68 individual inlays to construct the pattern in this butt sleeve.  It's a complicated pattern, but the final result is well worth all the work and time.

Ariel uses his favorite ring pattern here.  To keep things even, since it is a four point cue, he uses eight diamonds in each ring, all connected with two rings of silver.

He uses a black Spanish bull leather wrap for the handle.  I love this wrap.  It feels as soft and supple as a wrap can feel, and the leather just improves with age.

He laser-engraves his AC logo in the butt cap.

This stick comes with two 13mm shafts of premium quality maple, with melamine ferrules and Triangle tips.  It is built with a flat-faced joint with a modified 3/8X10 stainless steel pin.  It weighs 18.9 ounces.  There is a LOT of work in this cue for the money!