Recollection Cues

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Here is a very traditional and classy cue by Ariel Carmeli.  It's a basic four point design with a "Hoppe style" butt, made from very high quality ebony and birds eye maple.

The butt sleeve and points are all ebony, and the points are lined with beautiful veneers of  natural maple, blue and black, with blue being the dominant color.

It has a beautiful black leather wrap with a "krinkle" texture that looks fantastic and feels even better.

The butt sleeve is finished with the traditional white (elforyn) "Hoppe" ring and a black phenolic cap.

Each of the four points has an inlaid notched diamond of elforyn in its base.

As always, his finish is amazing.  His finishes are among the best.

And, again as always, the quality of the woods in this stick is excellent.

His finishes are so good that it's difficult to get pictures without picking up a glare.

This is a great looking, classic cue designed and built by one of the best.  He builds it with a stainless steel sleeved joint (over wood core) and his usual 3/8X10 modified stainless steel pin.  At the joint and on the ring collars he uses a black phenolic ring with a very traditional slotted eforyn ring pattern.

This cue comes with two 13mm shafts of premium grade maple with LBM melamine ferrules and Triangle tips.  This is an outstanding classic cue from one of the great cue builders at a very affordable price.