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This is another beautiful offering from Ariel Carmeli that sports a very traditional design, dressed out in gorgeous woods.  It's a six-point cocobolo cue with black ash points and a beautiful cocobolo butt sleeve with a small black ash "Southwest-style" butt cap.

As the pictures show, the wood in this cue is really first-class.  The cocobolo has great figure and color, showing lots of grain.  The black ash burl presents a subtle contrast that gives the cue a very classy appearance.

Each point is outlined with layers of black and white veneer, allowing them to stand out from the nose and give a distinctive, classy look.

He builds in a classy ring pattern that he uses frequently - a railroad track design with alternate long rectangle and square boxes of ebony outline in maple.  He puts the rings at all locations.

The figure, grain and colors in these woods is just outstanding.

As usual, he signs and dates the cue under the finish.  In this case - just above the butt cap on the black ash.

He wraps the handle in what has become my favorite wrap - Spanish bull.  It is a heavily textured, soft and supple leather than feels great in the hand, looks good and wears well.  It looks perfect on this cue.

The points are sharp and line up well.  The joint is flat-faced with an elforyn sleeve and his traditional modified 3/8X10 stainless steel pin.  All this will help assure that the stick has the exceptional hit that Carmelis are known for.

This cue comes with two 13mm shafts of premium quality maple with LBM melamine ferrules and Triangle tips.  It weighs 19.5 ounces.