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Here is another rare, hard to find cue from master cue builder Chris Byrne.  Following in the foot steps of other notable cue makers from Colorado like Bill Stroud, Dave Kikel and Ernie Martinez, Chris has been making exquisite cues for a number of years now.  This is one of the fanciest ones I've seen by him, and it is a real show-stopper.

This cue is a basic four point design using an ebony butt sleeve and points into a maple nose.  But that's where the "basic" ends.  There's much more to this traditionally designed stick.

What he's done here is build a traditional cue and dressed it up in a dazzling way.  With bridged points, silver and copper inlays, and his usual fancy rings, he has built an ornate and very classy cue.

The butt sleeve is fully loaded, with copper bar bells, veneered ebony boxes and silver and copper inlays, and fancy silver and ivory rings at the top and bottom.

The bridged points in this stick are outstanding.  The veneer work is exquisite, and the added single veneer shooting up between the points adds even more complexity.  It's a great look.

It's a little hard to see, but the big copper barbell in the base of each point is very thinly lined with silver.

The overall appearance is very traditional - four long points of dark black ebony going deep into a forearm of very pretty curly maple.

Veneer colors are also traditional - maple, green, orange and black.  But Chris doesn't settle for pretty veneers.  He makes them even better by adding a thin piece of black construction paper between each layer to make each colored veneer stand out even more.  In reality, you have seven layers of veneer.

The points are long, sharp and even.

He adds his signature ring work at the joint and on the ring collars of each shaft. 

It has a beautiful black elephant ear wrap.

This cue has an ivory joint, butt cap and rings.  It is built with a brass radial pin in a flat-faced configuration.  It comes with two 13mm shafts with LBM ferrules and Kamui Black medium tips.  It is 59 inches long.  It weighs 20.0 ounces (16.4, 3.6, 3.6).  It has a very solid , crisp hit with great feel and feedback.
Byrne cues are hard to find.  He makes very few, and they seldom find their way into the secondary market.  This one is in new condition and is unplayed, unchalked.  In my opinion, they compete easily with the very best cue makers in the world.  They are in high demand and seldom last long for sale.